Swipe City

Drive your way throuth the cities to victory!

Free to Play

It doesn't cost a thing to play it, as much as you want.

No Ads

Not even reward videos

Not Pay to Win

All the things money can buy can not buy better score.

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Intuitive input is used in this game, only swipes are used for directing the vehicle left or right. If you are in a crossroad it will turn, if you are in a road, it will switch lanes, or run the pavements.


The game if very fast paced and has zero buildup time. It is intense from the moment you drive into the town.


No ads are present, not even reward videos, your time is yours to enjoy. Further more by any means cannot be pay to win, because of the limited things money can buy.


Several levels of cop chases are present, dependent on how irritating you have been towards them. Of course you could try to run away and hide, but if you fail, even choppers and tanks might be against you.


Every time, every city is different. Almost zero probability to exact same cities to be generated two times.

Upgrade Your Vehicles

There are four upgradable stats: top speed, acceleration, braking and handling. Each of the 28 can be upgraded against those stats. Can you have the best vehicle out there?

Escape the Cops

If you are driving crazy, expect the cops to chase you. Police vehicles, SWAT vans, choppers and even tanks are in the arsenal that you might end up against.

Finish Missions to Earn

Each city you drive in has missions and once all of them are cleared you are sent to a next city. Every subsequent city is more vicious, crouded and guarded than the previous. It really matters the timing of your missions for the reward you get when you finish them.